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Latest Announcements:

The meeting of Wednesday 15th of February will be a practice session, in the Tower Room from 7:30pm.
There will be a pub crawl on Thursday 16th, starting at 7:30pm in The Old Spring.
CUTwC is running an inter-collegiate Cuppers tournament this term; see the Cuppers page for details, are get your practice in so that you can defend the honour of your college.

Latest Results:

The Half Life was won by James Ireland.
In Cuppers matches, Combustion beat LAG-MNG-QI 17½-10½ and Combustion beat Magdelene 16-12.
The Peterhouse Pot was won by Patrick Barrie.
The Cambridge Open was won by Patrick Barrie, or the beer, depending on your perspective.

CUTwC usually meets at 7:30pm on Wednesdays in The Tower Room, Selwyn College.

(CUTwC meets in other places and times for pub crawls and national tournaments).

All members of the University and other educational establishments in Cambridge are welcome to attend.

Contact CUTwC.

Latest update:2017-02-14 Crawl and practice announcements.